SPARC Europe publishes an interview with Paul Ayris (pdf) of UCL (University College London) on author’s copyright. An enlightening review for the newcomer.

I should add some precisions to item 13, though: whatever the requirements of the publisher, when the Institution to which the author belongs mandates immediate deposit in the Institutional Repository, it is the latter requirement that prevails. This is done in full accordance with the publisher’s requirements: keep in closed access during the embargo period (most publishers nowadays agree on an immediate open access to articles — let’s set books aside here —, several of them agree on a six-month period, some require a full year, see the list and conditions for each in SHERPA-Romeo). In this case, access is not open but the work can be consulted on demand. In the mean time, it is stored and catalogued in the Institutional Repository, which is essential. Answer to question 13 can thus be more complete.